Stimulating development

Our early childhood stimulation service specifically targets children between the ages of 1 and 6 with developmental difficulties in one or more areas. The service is open to all children, for example those with or awaiting a diagnosis of autism or a developmental disorder or delay.

The child will be able to work with his caregiver

  • Independence in activities of daily living (dressing, undressing, washing hands, etc.).
  • Autonomy and acceptance of personal care (grooming, brushing teeth, washing hair, etc.)
  • Developing your communications
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • His interpersonal relations
  • Food exploration
  • His understanding of certain concepts (delay, unexpected, novelty, change, refusal)
  • Kindergarten prerequisites

Stimulation blocks are tailored to the needs of the child and family. Stimulation blocks last 2 hours and take place on our premises, at the daycare or in your home1. Intervention strategies are presented to parents to help them support their child in the generalization of learning.

Travel expenses apply

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